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Sexy Vegetarian Food- من دفاتر الدكتور/أسامه شعلان

Dr Usama Fouad Shaalan MD; PhD. – من دفاتر الدكتور / أسامه فؤاد شعلان

Through the ages, food and sex have been linked together, all the way back to Garden of Eden. Today, it seems so simple to fix sexual health issues with a little pill, but when we take a deeper look, your overall health and wellness can have a huge effect on your sex life. It’s important to go back in time, say goodbye to your pharmacist for the time being and reexamine the links between food and sex right there at your local grocery store or farmers market. Old school aphrodisiacs were often chosen as such due to their shape or resemblance to certain body parts, as well as for the chemical reactions that take place in the body when eaten. Today, research shows that certain aphrodisiac foods do contain vitamins and minerals that can help to enhance your overall sexual vitality. As a vegetarian or vegan, getting enough of these nutrients can ensure that your evenings will be filled with excitement and pleasure. There is a plethora of healthy, sexy and vegetarian food for you to choose from to get your groove on tonight.
Zinc: Zinc is vital for testosterone production, which affects sexual desire, vigor and stamina in both men and women. Zinc deficiencies in men can cause sexual performance problems
Food Choices: tempeh, adzuki beans, chick peas, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, pine nuts
Omega-3s: Omega-3s help reduce inflammation in the body, are anti-aging, and a necessity for good heart and brain health. Omegas have also shown to enhance overall moods, irritability and hormone balance helping to put you in the right mood.
Food Choices: flax seeds, flax oil, walnuts, tofu, hemp seeds, beans, olive oil
B vitamins: B vitamins help to regulate the sex organs, which directly correlate with the amount of sex hormone that is released in the body. Vitamin B deficiencies can lead to lethargy and fatigue, which usually means more sleep and rest is needed, not sex. Bs also play a large role in brain function and cognition.
Food Choices: beans, lentils, bananas, Nutritional Yeast for B12
Kidney Enhancing Foods: In Chinese medicine, the kidneys store your “jing,” meaning your source of life; your jing affects everything from your energy levels to immunity and your sexual vitality. Abusing your kidneys with excess stimulants like caffeine, tobacco and alcohol can lessen you jing and lower your sexual desire. By improving your diet and lifestyle you can enhance your jing and in return, enhance your sex life.
Food Choices: beans, peas, lentils, whole grains like spelt, quinoa and oats, root veggies like carrots, yams and parsnips
Blood Purifying Foods: Stagnation of the blood from excessive fatty and processed foods can effect blood circulation to key sex organs. Cleansing the blood of impurities can help to enhance circulation.
Food Choices: garlic, dark leafy greens like kale, spinach and collard greens, burdock root, onions, leeks, beets and sea vegetables
Blood Flow Enhancing Foods: Sexual arousal includes an increased heartbeat, which sends blood flow to the sex organs. Increased blood flow to these organs allows for “normal” sexual performance. Poor circulation can affect sexual function in both men and women.
Food Choices: ginger, chili peppers, spices like curry, mustard seed and wasabi, ginko nuts, oatmeal, root veggies
The healthier your weight, the better your cholesterol levels and heart health, the better you will feel overall. When you feel well physically, feel energized, and also feel confident in your body, your sexual health can sky rocket. Be sure to include daily exercise in your recipe for good sex to enhance blood flow and circulation as well as enhance your overall sense of confidence and well-being.
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